By, Minha Ahmad

Once upon a time there was a lonely fish called Sparkle. She had no friends. One day a new fish came to the ocean. Her name was Star and she was very friendly. She was so excited when she met new fish, that she could not stop talking. The other fish were a little scared by her because she was so friendly. But when she went to Sparkle she didn’t make that mistake and she asked Sparkle to be her friend. Sparkle was so happy that she said yes.

One day Sparkle had a cold. She could not go to school and Star wanted to see if she was ok. When she went to her house she knocked on the door and Sparkle’s mom answered. Star asked “Why didn’t Sparkle come to school today?” Her mom said “Sparkle has a cold and the doctor said that she has to stay home for a couple of days. You can come back tomorrow.” Star left to go home and then she thought “How did she get a cold?”

The next day before she went to see Sparkle she got her flowers and a card. She gave it to Sparkle and Sparkle said, “Thank you! You are the best friend I ever had!” Sparkle went to school the next day and when the best friends saw each other they were so excited. They gave each other a big hug and realized they would be best friends forever.


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